Thursday, September 30, 2004


keep moving nothing to see here...

1. The Pentagon is wasting taxpayer money to send Iraqi-Americans around the country to convince the news media that everything in Iraq is a-okay (please ignore that dead man behind the curtain). Yes, your tax money is going to a domestic propaganda campaign to influence the election. Gee, how many laws does THAT violate? And you thought Bush had sunk as low as he could go?

2. The US Agency for International Development is now going to restrict information about the security situation in Iraq after the Washington Post got its hands on a not-so-flattering report and published it last week. The report showed that Bush was lying to the American people about the "improving" situation in Iraq. Apparently, AID is no longer solely focused on international development but now is also a political arm of the Bush re-election campaign. That should go over REAL well in developing countries where AID workers already had to watch their back.

3. The US Embassy in Baghdad, the British Foreign Service, and a Bush campaign official helped write Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi's speech to Congress last week. Yes, a Bush campaign official was busy helping write a speech to Congress by a foreign leader. A speech that coincidentally backed up every lie the Bush campaign is trying to spread about Iraq. Where to even begin with that one?

U.S. Effort Aims to Improve Opinions About Iraq Conflict (
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