Thursday, September 23, 2004


kerry is such a wimp!

He is a COMBAT VETERAN -- and that ALWAYS shows you a man is a WIMP!

The NAVY gave him MEDALS -- and you CAN'T TRUST THE U.S. NAVY to know ANYTHING about courage or honor, so therefore, he is a WIMP!

He pissed off that paragon of virtue RICHARD NIXON when he came back from Vietnam and fought against the war – and only WIMPS would dare “Speak Truth to Power!”

He was a PROSECUTING ATTORNEY -- and Prosecuting Attorneys ARE ALWAYS WIMPS!

Then he was an ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY -- I've watched Law & Order, and I know THOSE FOLKS are DEFINITELY WIMPY!

He WASTED his time in the Senate going after TERRORISM FUNDING, and HELPING OUT OTHER (WIMPY!) VETERANS, and FIGHTING CORRUPTION, and going after RICH POLLUTERS, and PUTTING POLICE ON OUR STREETS -- what kind of REAL MAN would waste his time doing WIMPY STUFF like that???

The truth is, we just can't trust Kerry to "protect us" when it comes to Terrorism because HE IS A WIMP. And he is spending this entire election telling HIS VERSION OF THE TRUTH which makes EVERYONE HAPPY (NOT), so that just shows you how good he WOULDN'T be at governing THE WHOLE COUNTRY INSTEAD OF JUST THE WIMPY LEFT WING WIMPS!!!

Besides, I would rather trust MY LIFE in the hands of a corrupt businessman whose only goal was profits who was smart enough NOT to get in the way of people shooting guns at him and couldn't figure out how to stop 19 guys with box cutters from killing thousands of my fellow citizens. Picking a COMBAT TESTED MILITARY GUY, EX-PROSECUTING ATTORNEY, ANTI-CORRUPTION SENATOR WHO SPEAKS A BUNCH OF LANGUAGES is JUST STUPID!!!
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