Friday, October 01, 2004


another respected conservative for Kerry...

Respected conservatives agree with 'clueless lefties'

My Sept. 16 column, "Bush's ideological blinders led to ill-advised war in Iraq," attracted numerous e-mails from as far away as Missouri, Texas, Maryland, Colorado and even Canada. The responses ran 2-to-1 negative.

I was informed that I am part of "the pacifist, ivy-covered world of academia," which produces "lies and half-truths" and "corrupts students' minds with politics instead of objectively teaching fact." I learned that I am "treasonously stupid" and am "yet another clueless leftie sheltered from the real world by the walls of academia who rants how Bush made a mistake."

Most respondents assumed that because I and other academics have criticized Bush policies, we must all be left-wing radicals who hate America (or in other words, "Democrats"). A typical letter read: "Strength is all the terrorists understand, not anti-American mutterings by a few so-called intellectuals. The Democrats have lost the House, the Senate, soon the White House, and soon the Supreme Court. Wake up, you're out of touch with the country."

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