Tuesday, October 05, 2004


cheney's short memory....

Cheney quote that surfaced today:

"Once we had rounded up Saddam, then the question is what do you
do. . . . You’d have to put some kind of a government in place, and
then the question comes is it going to be a Shia government or a
Kurdish government. Or maybe a Sunni government, or maybe it
ought to be based on the old Baathist party regime or some combination
thereof. How long is that government going to be able to
stay in power without U.S. military support to keep it there. . . . I
would guess if we’d have gone to Baghdad I’d still have forces in
Iraq today. I don’t know how we would have let go of that tar baby
once we grabbed hold of it.

-- Richard Cheney, Address to a National Press Club Luncheon, transcript,
Washington, D.C., Reuters, May 20, 1992. Cited in Stephen T. Hosmer,
Operations Against Enemy Leaders, RAND, MR-1385-AF, 2001.

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