Thursday, October 14, 2004


haliburton strikes again....

snipped from Americablog:

Yep, George and Dick can't stop doing favors for Halliburton. Here's a good LA Times story about their latest favor: distorting science to approve a technique for drilling owned by Halliburton that might contaminate our drinking water. Who cares if kids drinking dirty water and get sick if it can help Halliburton?

My favorite detail is about the panel that oversaw an EPA study that its own employees have raised serious doubts over. Who was on the panel, you wonder?

"The EPA report was reviewed by a seven-person panel: a senior technical advisor at Halliburton, a manager from an industry-funded research institute who previously worked for Halliburton, a senior engineer with BP Amoco and two academics who had worked for the energy industry. A sixth member, a state regulator with an engineering background, also had worked for Amoco. The final member was an expert on hydraulic fracturing from Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico."

Wow, talk about a balanced, independent panel. Will they be available to oversee that Florida post-election fracas?

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