Thursday, October 07, 2004


it is not just the $200M...don't forget the other costs

The one thing the undecideds relate to is there pocketbook. While discussing the expense of rushing into an unnecessary war please mention the following (in your own words of course):

America is paying for the Iraq war with more than just tax dollars.

Headline: 'Crude Oil reaches $53 a barrel'

Headline: 'Unease with Iraq war causing Crude Oil prices to skyrocket'

Knowing that the US uses about 18 million barrels of crude or approx. 700 million gallons of gasoline a day. This is what we can expect to pay as a country if .50 cents additional per gallon of gasoline due to the war:

128 Billion American Dollars a year

10 Billion, 667 Million American Dollars a month

2 Billion, 450 Million American Dollars a week

350 Million American Dollars a Day

You it worth it?
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