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Afterward, only the Bush supporters seemed concerned that their candidate had lost ground. They should be. Watching Bush last night, I saw a president who sometimes didn't seem in control of his job, a man who couldn't and didn't defend the conduct of the war except to say that it was "hard work," who seemed defensive, tired, and occasionally rattled. He had some strong points; and I agree with him on the basic matter of whether we should have gone to war. But the argument that we might be better changing horses in the middle of a troubled river gained traction last night.

In some ways, this might turn out to be a version of the 1980 Carter-Reagan match, when Reagan was able to convince people, by his persona and presence, that he was up to the job. Yes, Bush is not as bad as Carter and Kerry is, of course, no Reagan. But the dynamic was somewhat similar. In other words, Kerry gets back in the game, reassures some doubters, buoys his supporters, and edges up a little. Oh, and one young man in the audience had just returned from serving his country in Iraq. Yes, he'd seen the war upfront. He knows what were doing over there first-hand. And he's voting for Kerry.

murdoch's NY Post:

Kerry seemed far better prepared than Bush, ready to counter the president's points while Bush often repeated himself and at times seemed at a loss for words or defensive. The president even audibly sighed at times.

By the time the debate was over, it seemed clear that Kerry had given himself a new lease on life and guaranteed that the campaign has a long way to run.

Kerry was rated the clear winner in a CNN/Gallup poll immediately after the debate. It found that 53 percent said Kerry won the debate, compared with 37 percent who gave the nod to Bush.

business week:

Debating the topic thought to be Bush's strength, foreign policy, the senator did more than hold his ground. Will it matter?

After slip-sliding through the late summer of Campaign '04, John Kerry finally regained solid footing in the first Presidential debate. In the Sept. 30 foreign policy clash at the University of Miami, the Massachusetts senator scored some points with his repeated attacks on President Bush's Iraq policy and played pretty good defense when it came to explaining his various positions on the invasion and its aftermath.

republican weighed gallop poll:
Kerry wins debate 53-37.

Conservative bloggers:

PoliPundit says:

"I think most people's first impression, is that Kerry was strong and forceful, while Bush was less effective, more hesitant."

"I've been watching the debate for five minutes now. Despite my partisan inclinations, I have to admit that Kerry has won this debate. And not just in the high-school debate-coach sense of the word.Kerry comes off as the prosecutor accusing Bush of incompetence. Bush comes off as his Meet-The-Press, press-conference version - dogged, arrogant and unlikable. Kerry will get a significant bounce in the head-to-head poll numbers from this debate."

Powerline Blog says:

"But, candidly, I don't think it went that well for the President. I think Kerry helped himself tonight. He came across as a credible candidate, and he was usually on the offensive...I think Kerry made headway, and there is plenty of material there for the mainstream media to proclaim the beginning of Kerry's comeback...On the whole, though, I think Kerry helped himself tonight."

Freepers say:

Kerry is making Bush look like a boob - stupid and incompetent.
Bush has to get TOUGH. BE SPECIFC. SHOW people what a lying opportunist he is. The average joe won't get it unless BUSH SAYS IT !
This whole mess is arranged to make GWB look like he's on the defensive. My blood pressure is sky high, and I just can't watch any more.
Praying for President Bush.... Kerry ... he's a monster if ever I saw one.
OK, memo for Bush's debate prep team: No more programmed talking points. Let Bush be Bush.
Bush has won this debate and the DU trolls know it, ignore them.
>Phhhhhht!!!! Go back to DU.
Please get over it and show some respect. rwfromkansas has been here for 4 years and you've been here a month. Not everybody is agreeing here tonght.
I see W as the Winner.. He just knocked Kerry out of the park. W is stable... he does not flip-flop. He puts American first!
This debate sickens me, maybe because I care so much.
What is wrong with people here? Why is everyone sounding so defeated? Just imagine what the MSM would say if tomorrow all the conservative talk shows - Laura, Rush, Dennis, Michael, Hugh, ect. were talking like some people here are. We know the MSM will give Kerry a win, but conservatives shouldn't. People, please stay positive!
I feel like I'm reading the D.U. tonight. SO much negativity about Pres. Bush.
This sure has become a negative thread though. Rather hard to believe these are Bush supporters.
To me it seems like Bush has forgotten all the things Saddam did too! WHY DOESN'T HE MENTION ANY OF THEM?!!!
The problem is Kerry is spewing certain lies that are taking Bush off his game, and he is stumbling around a bit. This may be his weakest debate performance to date.
There are millions of Americans who (wrongfully) think Bush is shallow, dumb, airhead, an idiot.
I don't think Bush has changed a single mind.
There are countless millions who belive the Dem lies that Bush lied time and again...
Not only did Bush not change any minds, but I'd bet my bottom dollar that he's added millions more to the ranks by NOT CHALLENGING SKUMBAG SKERRY.
Did you hear when Kerry caught Bush in the Saddam did not attack us on 9/11 moment?
What was Bush's response....."of course I know OBL attacked us."
THAT was his response? THAT!!!!!!!!!!
Bush is like Reagen in that first debate. He sounds beleaguered, and his plaintive tone is unpresidential.
He is on the defensive, and is the LOSER in the debate. He invokes the extra reburral when he has lost the point, and doesn't know enough to let it go when he has little more to say.
I went in thinking Bush would be the powerful victor. but Kerry owns Bush in this debate.
I hope no intelligent undecided voters are watching.

"While we were all hoping that Bush would defeat Kerry handidly tonight and put the election out of reach, we can't be that upset with tonight. Kerry may have even had a slight win..."

"Yeah, Hitler used to swoon the masses, too. Doesn't mean either one of them, Kerry or Hitler, told the truth. Just hypnotic speakers to the unwashed. Bush is a real man. I prefer a real Texas man like George."

"Kerry didn't win. All he did was NOT embarrass himself too badly. His "hand jive" made it almost impossible to follow what he was saying."

"Kerry's responses were riddled with non-truths, inconsistancies, and at least 2 gaffes(1 being a major one, IMO). BUT, it all came off very elloquently. Bush on the otherhand, made excellent points but stammered around them. Not pretty. We'll see what the public has to say about it. Wednesday latest we should know. My guess is that the race will tighten slightly but by mid Oct, it will be Bush with 6-8pnt lead again."

"I was stuck watching the debates on cnn, I noticed at the end of the debate, cnn would not show footage of the the president with his family.
the only clips they showed where when the first lady kind of put her arm around teraaaaza and when John Kerry shook hands with the pres.
The remaining shots where of Kerry and his sugarmama, is the M.S.M afraid of showing bush standing next to his family?"


"ONE LINE ON THE DEBATE: Kerry won. Hands down. By a lot. That's all for now."

Winds of Change:

"Kerry did well in terms of his persona; I went in expecting a pompous windbag and he wasn't one. Bush did less well in persona; fragmented, repetitive..."

New Republicans:

"Well, if I'm generous, then Bush stuck to his talking points. As a former debater, however, I am tempted to say that Bush missed many, many, many chances to really make key points against Kerry...I'm not certain that Kerry won more than a few swing votes in this, but I don't know if Bush can win those votes back. He simply didn't deliver as well as Kerry."

More Powerline:

"I've taken more than an hour to try to talk myself out of concluding that John Kerry won tonight's debate. I haven't succeeded. Senator Kerry, I think, edged President Bush on substance and, surprisingly, looked better throughout."


"Kerry won on points, which probably was enough to shore up his weakened support in New Jersey, Michigan, and Pennsylvania."

Dean's World

"My gut's telling me it's a win for Kerry because, frankly, he scared me less than I expected him to."


“As far as the debate goes, I don't see how anybody could look at this debate and not score this a very clear win on points for John Kerry." -- Joe Scarborough

"I thought the President was repetitive and reactive." - Kate O'Beirne

"It was John Kerry's best performance ever." - Joe Scarborough

“The president was remarkably angry seeming" —Mark Halperin

"Bush appeared perturbed when Kerry leveled some of his charges, scowling at times and looking away in apparent disgust at others." Milbank and VandeHei

Kerry: 45
Bush 36:
Tie: 17


Kerry: 53 Bush: 37


Kerry: 44 Bush: 26 Tie: 30

Mort Kondracke: “This is the President's turf, this is the place that the President is supposed to dominate, terror and the war in Iraq. I don't think he really dominated tonight. I think Kerry looked like a commander-in-chief.”

Kate O'Beirne, National Review Online’s the Corner: "I thought the President was repetitive and reactive."

Jonah Goldberg, National Review Online's the Corner: "The Bush campaign miscalculated on having the first night be foreign policy night."

Bob Schieffer: “The President was somewhat defensive in the beginning”

Mark Shields: "The President showed a few times obvious anger"

Bill Kristol, Weekly Standard: “I think Kerry did pretty well tonight, he was forceful and articulate.”

Bob Schieffer: “Kerry got off to a very good start.”

Joe Scarborough: “It was John Kerry’s best performance ever…As far as the debate goes, I don’t see how anybody could look at this debate and not score this a very clear win on points for John Kerry.” (MSNBC)

Andrea Mitchell: “This is the toughest we’ve ever seen John Kerry. He attacked the very core of the President’s popularity. He’s basically saying, who do you believe?” (MSNBC)

Tim Russert: “Tonight he seemed to find his voice for the Democratic view of the world.”

Fred Barnes on FNC: "Kerry did very well and we will have a Presidential race from here on out."

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