Friday, October 15, 2004


the real contest for Kerry...

great comment from on the real contest...

John Kerry is running against Bush and Bush's media. Note the following media manipulations occuring right before our very noses:

1. Bush's outright lie that he did not say what has been evidenced that he did say about OBL is getting minimal play in the media.

2. Kerry's true, reasonable and compassionate reference to Cheney's daughter in the debate is getting much more negative spin and play than Bush's lies......

Cheney can tell a senate member to go "F*ck himself", and not apologize.....yet Kerry can speak compassionately about Cheney's Grown ass daughter and get smeared nevertheless. The fact that Bush said that he needed to keep his daughters on leashes is not even an issue. We won't mention the smears that the Bushies perpetuated on McCain's "black" daughter.....or the Chelsea Clinton attacks of years passed.

3. The Nightline report of last night that Kerry's Silver Medal story is backed up by the Vietnamese villagers witnesses who were in the village the day of the firefight, and the complete meltdown of Liar O'neil on the air have not been picked up by the Media mafia Cable empire.

4. Please notice that Zogby is turning the screws on us, once having his poll come out first showing Bush gaining. Also the ABC polls that showed a near debate tie was heralded on all of the cable channels with one important fact missing....the 30% Dems vs. 38% Republican bias gap. They are reporting the "tie"....and not reporting the flaw in the poll.

5. Online polls where Kerry beat Bush stressed as "very unscientifical" by cable stations.

6. Headlines about Bush or Kerry demonstrate a recurring theme.....Kerry is always passive...while Bush is always active, e.g., "Bush rips into Kerry" vs. "Kerry tries to sway undecideds".

7. The Flip/Flop Kerry meme is now reported as a fact. Bush being strong in the area of fighting terror is now reported as an unquestionable fact.

8. The fact that women have swung to kerry is being underreported....while the fact that they were swinging to Bush pre-debate was loudly heralded.

9. The GOP hanky panky with Dem voter registration forms in Nevada and other states being played down. It should be a big news story.....but is being basically ignored.

IT'S THE MEDIA STUPID....THAT WILL LOSE US THIS RACE. They have been manipulating the news....and will continue to do so. We must keep writing and giving them the facts. I don't know if we can beat them, unfortunately. They hold our future in their hands.......

The Media Mafia Presstitutes are doing a hell of a job on our Democracy!

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