Friday, October 01, 2004


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The DNC gives us Bush's faces of frustration. The RNC only has audio (hmmm...). The BC04 site still hasn't been updated. They can't figure out the spin.
Drudge last night floated one spin attempt -- that Bush was emotionally drained because he had spent the day meeting with hurricane victims. So in other words, Bush can't handle his job.

But it wasn't just the eye rolling, nor the petulance, nor the fact he clearly hadn't prepped for the debate. It was also the content, and Bush gave our side plenty of material.

At one point, Kerry's asserted that 90 percent of cargo in Florida ports wasn't inspected, nor was cargo loaded in commercial flights, and that he would do better. Bush gave this amazing answer:

I don't think we want to get to how he's going to pay for all these promises.
In other words, your safety takes a back seat to Bush's tax cuts and his unecessary war in Iraq.
Or how about all the times Bush talked about "hard work"? If being president is such hard work, why has Bush spent a third of his presidency on vacation?

Now the Bush team needs to regroup and figure out how to recuperate from this disaster. They have to trot their guy back out on a stage a week from today, and do so under less friendly territory (foreign policy was supposed to be Bush's strong suit). Maybe they'll even be able to talk Bush into preparing. This isn't college. "C"-grade slacking won't cut it anymore.

Meanwhile, we're jazzed, Kerry is jazzed, and the instant numbers confirmed our guy's smashing success. Kerry dispelled many of the worries created by the Republican smear machine in a short 90 minutes, and helped create new doubts about Bush.

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