Friday, October 08, 2004


some things republicans should know...

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If you take the time to inform yourself you would now know:

There was no LEGITIMATE reason for the United States to have invaded Iraq.

Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9/11.
Saddam had NO ties to Al Qaeda nor did he directly sponsor terrorism.

The Bush Administration LIED to the American people. They took flimsy evidence and exaggerated it. They discarded information that they didn't like. They opened the Office of Special Plans (OSP for short) to INVENT intelligence when it was necessary. Google it... it's the simple truth.

The Bush Administration is now sending our troops to Iraq without adequate armorment.

The BILLIONS of dollars appropriated for the War Reconstruction in Iraq are NOT BEING SPENT except to line the pockets of military contractors.

The Bush Administration is cutting funding for the VETERANS ADMINISTRATION. Veterans who are coming home wounded are NOT BEING SUPPORTED.

Leave it to the GOP to support billion dollar military contractors but to stiff the actual troops.

In the first Presidential Debate Bush mentioned POLAND as one of our "allies" in Iraq. WELL GUESS WHAT! Poland just announced they are leaving Iraq too... along with all the other countries who are getting out of that quagmire.

If you have children, you can count on them getting drafted if Bush is re-elected. We are currently building FOURTEEN military bases in Iraq.

Bush WILL invade Iran and Syria. That has been their plan from the get-go. Here's a link to the their manifesto- it's written by THEM with their own signatures. "Project For A New American Century" or PNAC.

This Admistration is not comprised of Republicans. They are Neo-Conservatives who bascially want to rule the world by force. They are throw backs to times when Colonialism and White Man's Burden held sway.

The saddest part of the Bush Campaign is the way they USE RELIGION. How DARE they suggest they embody American Values much less Christian Values.

When did the Holy Spirit direct ANYONE to put the profit margin of multi-national corporations over the good of people?

And finally let's talk about Patriotism.

Why hasn't the GOP, who now controls ALL arms of the Federal Govt. tightened our borders, stiffened Airline Security secured our ports?

Did you know that the Bush Admistration had not one but TWO spies? Chalabi was spying for Iran... he's the one who helped provide lies about Iraq. 2004/05/20/iraq/main618637.shtml - 53k - Oct 6, 2004

Then there is Larry Franklin (works in Pentagon) who was spying for Israel. articles/A45287-2004Aug29.html

Did you know Bush outed not one but TWO CIA Assets?

Valerie Plame had her cover blown as revenge. She was working on tracking weapons of mass destruction. 10/Perspective/Blown_cover.shtml

Also, there was Mohammad Naeem Noor Khan described by US intelligence as "a one-man al-Qaida communications hub,".

Why did Bush ignore Clinton's warnings and his Report about Terrorism? (Because he has issues?)
Why did Ashcroft cut funding for Anti-Terrorism before 9/11?
Why did Bush ignore Intelligence Report entitled "Usama Determined to Attack US in August preceeding 9/11?(or any other indications that there was terrorist activity?)
Why didn't Bush want an investigation into the attacks of 9/11?
Why did he sit in a school room full of children for 10 minutes when he knew we were under attack on 9/11 and then spend ANOTHER 20 minutes shaking teacher's hands and having his picture taken?
Why hasn't Saudi Arabia been held accountable for THEIR involvement in 9/11? (15 of 19 highjackers came from there)
Why doesn't Bush mention Usama any more? (He killed almost 3000 americans)
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