Thursday, October 14, 2004 iraqi bodycount page...

spend some time at this page and learn what this war costs you (yes are paying for this war!)....

This section of has gotten a lot of attention, even above better and more eloquent pages on the Iraq war on other sites. When first written in early July of 2003, following the major portion of the "conventional war" in Iraq it's purpose was simply to present a visual aid to help people understand the scope and tragedy of this ill-thought and cynical adventure, particularly when considering civilian deaths.

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Not only is the number of civilian deaths morally indefensible but this sort of body count has always been strategically stupid, creating far more opposition than can be countered with even heartfelt humanitarian aims.

Many conservatives and supporters of the Iraq War --the mass of Americans who shrug off civilian deaths when they are not American civilian deaths--obviously have a pronounced problem with visualizing numbers and applying moral standards. Or they just don't care.

In other words, they are stupid and evil.

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